January 19, 2010

One Month Old!

It's hard to believe that Grace is already 1 month and a few days old! She's growing so fast and gaining new skills everyday.  She's recently realized that she can make all sorts of funny sounds (besides crying) and is enjoying the reactions she gets from mommy and daddy. 
Last night she experienced our first low grade fever; it was probably worse on us then it was on her.  We're still fighting a little sickness but she is much much better. Thanks to our personal murse Lex, thank you for working it through with us at 10pm!  

Jonathan started class today at Midland College.  He's auditing Anatomy & Physilogy 1 and 2 so hopefully it won't be as stressful and time consuming as taking them for credit.  He's trying to prepare as much as he can for the first classes of dental school.  It's hard having him gone more from the house and it was such a blessing to have him home for the first 5 weeks, I don't know how people do it alone!

Her first mini-hawk

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