December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas Y'all!

So I thought (and received some prompting :) it might be time to update the blog since it's only been what a mere 6 months. We are making the long long drive home to West Texas right now, 4 hours down only 8 to go!
Grace has been much better than expected, keeping busy watching Toy Story 3 and napping, we'll see if it continues to go this well through the night.
We just celebrated Gracie's 2nd and my 25th birthday last week, holy cow how fast did those last 2 years go! She got plenty of princess things and shoes, her 2 favorites ( I hope she's always this easy to shop for). There's a few (unedited) pictures of the party, and yes she insisted on wearing sneakers with that frilly dress. Being our social butterfly, completely opposite Momma and Daddy, Gracie loved seeing all our friends and the fact that everyone walked in with a present for her had nothing to do with that :) I've learned alot these last two years but mostly to relax and let be, I think she ate goldfish, cupcakes and strawberry for dinner.
As we enter into the Christmas season I love seeing the joy and delight in her eyes when we turn on the tree lights, see a snowman at the mall, drive around and see Christmas lights or hear her sing Happy Birthday Jesus. 90% of the people we run into ask her what Santa is giving her on Christmas and I found myself thinking about the whole Santa issue, do we play into it or do we use this time to teach our daughter the real concept if Christmas? We decided to do the latter, sure Santa is not going anywhere and I'm not saying he should, be Im not going to be signing From: Santa on any gifts or talk about a chubby guy who drops in to hand out free stuff every Christmas Eve. Don't judge me, if you do Santa, that's great and I'm not judging you, but its not for us. We've been talking about how Jesus was born in a manger and how he came to save the world, to save Mommy and Daddy and Gracie and everyone who believes in him. And no my children will not be the ones to ruin your kids Christmas, no classrooms full of children crying because someone said Santa isn't real, I promise.
Well were are getting close to the halfway mark and my butt is numb and my belly is rumbling! But it's not because I'm hungry... I'll give you a second to think about it.. Ok. If you haven't guessed or haven't heard, we are expecting!! Yup, I'm due late April with our second little girl! 2 little princess! You might want to avoid our house in about 14 years :) I'm 22 weeks and in the sweet spot between the exhausting and sickness of the first trimester and the hugeness of the third trimester. So as we enter into the last Christmas as a family of 3 I'm a little sad to see this time of having an only child end but I'm very excited to see the relationship between my daughters bloom and welcome another blessing into our arms.
My fingers are getting tired typing on my phone so I'm going to call it a day. Hope that kinda catches y'all up on where we're at. I plan to jump back on the blogging bandwagon, so talk to y'all soon!