June 30, 2011

Here comes the rain

We were having one of "those" days last week.  Those days where you seriously contemplate if it is possible to lose all of your hair in a single day, those days where everything that could go awry did, those days where you HAVE to get out of the house asap.  So I packed up baby girl and headed down the street to the local thrift store.  I saw a storm rolling in and knew we had to hurry so I lugged my 50 pound diaper bag and 25 pound toddler into the store looking like a hot mess.  As we walk around, a miracle happens and she became silent and happy, I don't say anything for fear that I would jinx the peace.  I put an old school wooden puzzle into the cart that I know a Texas friend will love, and find an old globe that will go perfectly over our tv corner (I'm going for The Pleated Poppy look), a wooden tray and a terribly painted stool.  The peace is starting to wear off so out come the crackers, peace restored but the storm is getting closer and I can hear the thunder settling in.  As I head to the checkout counter I spot an old bench in the very far corner of the store; I make a beeline for the bench thinking there is no way it's sturdy and if it is then it's going to be more than I want to spend.  Very sturdy and pretty cheap! I tell the cashier I'll take and and check out.  As I pull my car around the lightning picks up and I hurry to cram this thing into my little volkswagon.  The guys helping me looked at me like I had lost my mind as we try it this way, that way, move the carseat and try this way....We finally get the dang thing in my car and we head home.  Hubby's truck is in the driveway when we get home, Yay, someone to unload this thing!  Even he was impressed by my find.  He puts it in the garage aka workshop aka mess of all messes and just as we head into the nice air conditioned house the skies open up and it begins to pour down rain.
Here she is before her makeover (yup, those are the other finds in the bottom corner).  Stay tuned tomorrow for her big reveal!

It wasn't until later that night as I'm praying with baby girl before bed that I realize how amazing the rain is; it cleans away the mud and the grime and lets things begin clean and new, just as the blood of Christ that poured down the cross washed away our sin and welcomed us into the kingdom of God. Praise God!


June 26, 2011

Dining Room Reveal

This room has been naked since we moved in and it was starting to wear on me.  I like things done, finished and homey so this was a bit of a depressing room to see everyday.  When we got back from our long vacation I couldn't take it anymore and started to put stuff up and accessorize and this is what it looks like now.

Thrifted mirrors and frames painted white with green accents fill up the large wall behind the dining table (The print is a Joann's clearance bin find) and our DIY oversized chalkboard fills the wall opposite the french doors.  These doors let in a ton of light, especially around dinner time and it gets HOT!  This curtains are actually tapestry throws I found at Target in the college dorm section on clearance years ago and have traveled with us since.  Hubby mounted the hardware so the drapes would just skim the floor, I am not patient enough nor do I have the math skills to do that so thankfully hubby's strengths are my weaknesses.

Our table was found on Craigslist and after bringing it home and doing a little research we found that it is actually a really expensive table someone put a formica top on.  The plan is to have an oval marble (loveeeeee carrara marble) made for the top so we can fit more that 4 people around it.  The gray chairs we're found at Goodwill in a horrible oak-ish finish (I say oak-ish because it wasn't oak and it wasn't paint but it was bad) and I used some paint we had on had to refinish them (the gray is the color of hubby's office/wildlife preserve).  The wood chairs were found at a hotel liquidation center, recovered in painters drop cloth and trimmed out in black ribbon.

and here's a little peak at my kitchen staff....

I would love to have a settee or bench go along the back wall to add additional seating but I don't know how practical that is with small children...here are some inspirations...any thoughts?

 Have a blessed Sunday!


June 21, 2011

Bridal Shower

Hey guys! We are back home, finally!  We've been away for nearly a month seeing family in West Texas and going lots and lots of weddings.  Just about everyone we know is getting married this summer so it felt like a high school reunion each weekend.  But anyways, one of my close friends got married this past weekend and I decided to throw an impromptu bridal/bachelorette party.  
drink station
 pudding cups

ruffled streamers via Dana Made It

before all the food arrived, I didn't make them starve :)
On the menu:
Orzo with chicken and corn
Pasta Salad
Chips, Salsa and Queso
Pudding Cups
Sweet Tea

PS. here's the wedding/housewarming gift the couple recieved from us:


ps. what do you think of the new look on my blog???

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