December 14, 2010

To My Daughter

365 days ago I was in labor.
I had not met you before and could only imagine what you would be like.
Who would you look like? Would you have your daddy's hair or your momma's blue eyes?
365 days ago I waited in anticipation to meet the child the Lord had been growing in my belly for 9 long months. I waited to hold your tiny hands and cup your itty bitty feet.  I waited to meet the little girl that would forever change my world.
365 days ago we prepared our home for you.  We set up your crib and put on fresh sheets for the very first time.  We packed up your tiny clothes and nightgowns to bring to the hospital.  I was so amazed at how little your onsies were and couldn't imagine you ever fitting into them.  
365 days ago I watched your daddy sleep.  I watched him take deep breathes and watched his chest slowly deflate.  That was the last night he would not worry about his little girl.  I watched your daddy as he dreamed of you and smiled with delight.
365 days ago you were in my belly. I rested my hands on you and prayed over you.  I looked down at the bump and cried with overwhelming happiness knowing you were only hours away.
365 days ago I pushed. And pushed. And pushed.  You arrived in this world a beautiful pink hue and was placed on my belly. I wept.  I loved you immediately.  You were placed in your daddy's arms as he carried you away to be cleaned up.  He put on your first diaper and wrapped you up.  Then he placed you in my arms and I stroked your sweet face.
365 days ago you were born.  You became the apple of your daddy's eye and you made your momma's heart grow to a size she never thought possible.  
Tonight I laid you down to sleep and sang you Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  You looked up at me and closed your sweet blue eyes and I slowly closed your bedroom door.

Love forevermore, 
Your momma