March 5, 2010


Baby Grace has been experiencing alot of "firsts"these past few weeks.  She had her first immunizations, her first big snow (with a little snowman), her first grasps at an object, her first paranoid parents trip to the doctor and her first slam dunk (I have the pictures to prove it!).  
As we are watching her grow and mature each day it is amazing to think she's only been her 12 weeks.  As I said earlier, she has started to grab onto toys from her play gym and laughs when she makes them rattle.  She watches your every step and responds with smiles and giggles when you talk to her and laugh with her.  She even wakes up with a smile on her face every morning (is that normal?).  Talking about sleep, Gracie is sleeping up to 9 hours at night and taking about 4 naps at day without a peep.  It's amazing what sleep and prayer can do for a weary mind and soul.  We find so much more joy in her throughout the day when we've slept more than 4 hours!  As a matter of fact, she's napping now :)
Being first time parents I'm sure we are more paranoid than the average people so when we brought Gracie into the doctor because we thought she might have an ear infection or sore throat we just wanted to have some peace of mind.  After cornering ourselves in the "well" wing of the doctor's office (even though we thought she was sick) for an hour and seeing the doctor for 5 minutes we were told that our daughter is perfectly healthy and content.  Our doctor told us that it could of been colic or she just felt like being fussy for a few days and that we should move her into her own room.  She sleeps in our room in her own crib right now so we're thinking about moving her but she still seems to little but that may be because I'm not the ready one. But we are grateful to have a healthy baby girl whose eyes light up a room.
Strong girl

Content before her immunizations, could bear to take pictures of the after crying