August 9, 2010

And she's off...

Grace started crawling recently and is discovering her independence with unbridled joy and tepid curiosity.   She started with the army crawl at the beginning of this month, began pushing herself up into the sitting position about a week later and got her knees under her as she crawled just yesterday.  She seems like such a big girl but because of the complete lack of hair and petite size she still looks like a baby baby.  Pulling out ALL of her books by the tv is her favorite activity right now, along with smashing toys (i thought girls were supposed to be gentle?) and brushing her teeth.  Daddy is very excited about that last one!  She is very excited about the fact she can move around on her own but doesn't like to be out of eyesight of mommy so there is alot of nervous cries when she finds she's crawled out of sight.  I've tried to introduce Grace to many different foods (hoping not to have a picky eater in the future!) and she's done awesome so far; only gaged up lima beans and I don't blame her on that one.  She is eating yogurt, tofu, egg yolks and just today we added cottage cheese to the list of dairy and proteins.  Act excited when you feed them new foods and they get excited too I've learned.  Chicken and turkey are coming next month; I have no clue how to prepare them so I've better get on it.  
Jonathan started Gross Anatomy today, they are jumping right in and get their cadavers today and begin dissection.  He was much more excited then I would ever be, I've only dissected a star fish and I don't think that really counts.  Along with anatomy come hours and hours of MORE study time each day, not too excited about that.  
I'm trying to slip cover and old ottoman right now but I can't get motivated to start so the fabric is just wraped around it at this point.  I picked up a drop cloth from Home Depot yesterday, really cheap: $10 bucks compared to $60 bucks in what it would cost in fabric.  I like the simple clean color anyways so I bleached the heck out of it to soften and lighten it up and I think it's going to be pretty cool as soon as I find some motivation.  I've also got to shower, do dishes, laundry, iron, vaccum and mop.  Still no motivation, I better go chug a coke.