May 23, 2011

Chair Re-Makeover

While we were living in our previous Apartments/Retirement Home we figured out that whenever someone "moved out" their belongings no one wanted usually ended up in the dumpster. That's where this chair came from.  Hubby thought I was joking when he saw the tired goldish, stained and flattened seat and continued on with our walk.  Nope, this sucker had potential and it was free so even if it couldn't be helped it could go right back in the trash and I wouldn't feel bad about wasting money.  I added some foam to the seat and covered it in painter's drop cloth I had in my craft stash.  That was 6 months ago.  This morning I decided it was a little plain jane and recovered the seat in a ikat fabric from the clearance bin and added a coat of purple gloss spray paint.  Now she's got some personality!


ps. hubby if you're reading this I NEED A REAL CAMERA :)

Back to real life :(

We just spent the week in Sandestin, Fl.  Beautiful white sand beaches, amazing weather and no med school!  We spent the week lounging in our bathing suits going between the beach and the outlet mall across the street.  Now it's back to real life and a trip back to Texas in a few days for wedding season.  But my minds already on next years trip!  Have a great week, sorry DIY projects have been slow and will probably continue to be throughout the summer but stick with me.


May 12, 2011

Busted Up Mirror Transformation

So I improved since last market....I sold one thing; but it was out of free will, not because of a potty accident.
Anyways, it got a little windy at market last night and a pair of mirrors I had refinished fell over and one cracked :(  but I didn't want to throw it away because it had a really neat frame.
(the other mirror that survived the crash with only a few bumps and bruises)

Fast forward to this morning playing in baby girls' room.  I've wanted to do a collection of art in their but didn't know where to start...brain storm! (yes, that is an Imagination Movers reference, lame...yes)  I have a really neat cracked mirror and a really cute fat quarter.... Voila!

You could do this with any cracked mirror or really ugly picture just be careful removing the mirror.  I used duck tape to fasten the fabric to the cardboard backing of the frame that way I can always change it out.

I found the gray frame (previously speckled gold) at Goodwill awhile back and layered it with a DIY glittered handprint.  Looking at that little hand everyday makes me smile especially since I know the mischief it gets into.

(very fake cry from Ms. Mischief)

Thanks for reading!

May 10, 2011

you know your crazy...

A friend came to me on Sunday with an opportunity to put some product in the local monthly market.  Being that I am crazy, I sewed like mad and finished Monday afternoon with piles of burpee cloths, blankets and onsies.  I was a little hesitant to do it though since my first try back in Texas led to complete failure.  COMPLETE.  I sold one thing...and that was only because the ladies kid had peed his pants and I was the only vendor selling children's pants.  True story. But you never succeed unless you try, or so I've been told.  Wish me luck...


May 3, 2011

Peanut Butter Ball Cupcakes

These little suckers got us in some trouble... 

I found this recipe awhile back but it looked a little time intensive for me (anything that takes longer than an hour is out in this house) so I bookmarked it and forgot about it.  Then dental school finals started. AKA hell weeks.  Poor hubby doesn't have time to see us much, let alone sleep so I thought these might be a nice "hang in there babe" treat.  They are time intensive, not going to lie but they are freaking delicious and so worth the time.
I used cake mix for the batter instead of handmade to save some time and I didn't wait hours for the centers to freeze because I have a toddler and if she gives me time to do it then it's getting done...FAST.  The icing was the best part for us, not too peanut buttery and not too sweet; just creamy fluffy goodness. We like them cold so all the veggies in the fridge had to make way for cupcakes for a week :)

The only thing was...I lost all but 1 regular size cupcake pan in the move; but I found a ton of minis.  So we had enough mini cupcakes to last us a week.