May 23, 2011

Chair Re-Makeover

While we were living in our previous Apartments/Retirement Home we figured out that whenever someone "moved out" their belongings no one wanted usually ended up in the dumpster. That's where this chair came from.  Hubby thought I was joking when he saw the tired goldish, stained and flattened seat and continued on with our walk.  Nope, this sucker had potential and it was free so even if it couldn't be helped it could go right back in the trash and I wouldn't feel bad about wasting money.  I added some foam to the seat and covered it in painter's drop cloth I had in my craft stash.  That was 6 months ago.  This morning I decided it was a little plain jane and recovered the seat in a ikat fabric from the clearance bin and added a coat of purple gloss spray paint.  Now she's got some personality!


ps. hubby if you're reading this I NEED A REAL CAMERA :)

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