May 3, 2011

Peanut Butter Ball Cupcakes

These little suckers got us in some trouble... 

I found this recipe awhile back but it looked a little time intensive for me (anything that takes longer than an hour is out in this house) so I bookmarked it and forgot about it.  Then dental school finals started. AKA hell weeks.  Poor hubby doesn't have time to see us much, let alone sleep so I thought these might be a nice "hang in there babe" treat.  They are time intensive, not going to lie but they are freaking delicious and so worth the time.
I used cake mix for the batter instead of handmade to save some time and I didn't wait hours for the centers to freeze because I have a toddler and if she gives me time to do it then it's getting done...FAST.  The icing was the best part for us, not too peanut buttery and not too sweet; just creamy fluffy goodness. We like them cold so all the veggies in the fridge had to make way for cupcakes for a week :)

The only thing was...I lost all but 1 regular size cupcake pan in the move; but I found a ton of minis.  So we had enough mini cupcakes to last us a week.


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