October 27, 2010


Your words of encouragement have been a tremendous blessing over these past 24 hours.  So I have to be real, I gave in last night around midnight after she had gotten up 4 times already and had listened to hours of screaming/crying/fussing/screaming.  I was second guessing myself, slightly delusional and overwhelmed.  This morning she cried through her whole nap and was miserable all day because she was so tired.  Second nap only lasted an hour, which is about normal for her.  Bedtime was early around 6:20pm because she was so exhausted.  She cried about 10 minutes or so; it's 9:30 now and I haven't heard anything yet but I know that midnight hour is fast approaching and I'm scared, not going to lie.  But with ya'lls words of encouragement I think it will make it easier to bury my head deeper into the pillow and wait it out.  
It's easy to forget that women go through this same experience day in and day out all around the world and that your not alone and you guys brought me back to that reality. THANKS!


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