July 29, 2010

Per Request

I'm alive.  Just thought I would make that clear seeing how long it's been since the last post.  Life with a first year Dental school student and an 8 month old is pretty exhausting.  Especially when the 8 month old no longer likes to sleep and the Dental student has classes all day and can't help at the midnight and 4 am scream-fests anymore.  I'm really hoping Grace is teething and those suckers poke through soon!
Getting adjusted to life in a big city hasn't been as difficult as I would have thought; but everything takes longer to get to, traffic hours have to be avoided and all these one-way streets are kicking my butt.  I have not caused a crash or been involved in one yet, although Jonathan says it's just a matter of time because I'm a woman. (That's his kind of joke, most woman get offended when they hear him say it but it's just a joke, calm down)   Jonathan and I have re-discovered our love for snow-cones aka SnowBalls here in Nola.  I don't understand how those BahamaBucks can charge such ridiculous prices! I get a medium stuffed (with ice cream) for $2.00 and it's huge.  Because they're so cheap we get them most everyday.  I've learned you can always justify some things :)  We also eat a lot of po-boys which are basically sandwiches for really poor guys I'm assuming.  I'm learning to like seafood, heavily battered and fried of course.  
Jonathan's family came in town this past weekend and we got to do the downtown thing and had dinner and a boat ride on an old steamboat.  Grace ended the ride naked because it was so dang hot.  I can't wait till fall, July in New Orleans is almost unbearable, another justification for daily snowball trips.  
baby meeting the silver man

baby being cleaned by aunties after being covered in silver paint

naked baby enjoying the ride with her aunt

Sorry this has all been such a random assortments of ramblings but the baby is actually taking a nap and it is blowing my mind. I guess I should get the vacuuming done before she wakes up and tries to eat everything she can find on the ground.  Then I'm guessing a trip to the snowball hut :)

I'm going to try and get back to regular posting.  No promises but I'll try!
new sleeping position
pulling up


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