July 4, 2010


So we are official New Orleans residents.  It's the 4th of July and we can see some amazing fireworks displays right outside our window, beside a church dome and above the cemetery.  Did I mention we live directly beside a cemetery? Not the type where people are buried below the ground, but above in marble tombs.  About 40 feet away from the back door.  We may also be some of the few residents under the age of 75 in our apartment building which is nice that there isn't a ton of parties going on but there are a ton of yappy lap dogs walking around.  We are living in a one bed, one bath place for the next 3 months until the house is finished and surprisingly it is much bigger than I expected.  I had never seen the place, no pictures, nothing, before I walked in the door with Gracie and our suitcases.  Grace is sleeping in the dining room aka the nursery.  I'm not quite sure where exactly we live but someone said we live right on St. John Bayou. We're directly on the water, what type of water? No clue. A bayou I guess but I'm not sure what a bayou is so...  But across the water is an amazing children's playground based on all the fairy tale characters that Grace will love when she can walk in talk and get into trouble.  
We are absolutely exhausted and would like nothing more than to sleep for 3 days but with a baby I guess you can't do that.  I plan on exploring our neighborhood tomorrow, hopefully I can find my way back home.  

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Warren said...

We live in Lumberton, TX which is about 4 hours from New Orleans. It's just outside of Beaumont, TX. I know what you mean we have lived here for a year and I still can't get use to rain like 4 times a week! It's insane! Also, the humidity is just insane! Anyway! I hope you and your family are enjoying New Orleans!