June 26, 2010

Still here

Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted, sorry guys! We have been busy packing up again.  3 days until the big move and I think this is the most organized move yet.  Have I ever mentioned this is the 5th move since we've been married. We've been married 2 years.  Just 2.  

We each sent a big box of shoes and clothes to goodwill (aka my mom who brings it to a place called Trade n Treasure to sell it) and we've been purging all the junk and misc, things that:
a) don't know what it is but have held onto it thinking we would figure it out 
b) high school clothes we always held out hope that we could fit into again (I'm 23, if it doesn't fit now it sure won't fit in 5 years) 
c) those clothes that are really cute on the hanger but nowhere else  
d) boxes of random loose paper (where did this come from)
e) 100's of notebooks and notes from college science classes
(I could go through the entire alphabet but I'm sure you get that we had a bunch of junk)

Bye bye college papasan chair- i loved it, he hated it and Grace will kill herself trying to climb it.  Adios the first sofa I ever bought, a $400 Ashley's Furniture score that was only worth about $50 seeing as the cardboard arms have caved in.  I saved for months to get that thing too.  Peace bookcase, side table and tv stand.  But now we have room for the beautiful dresser Jonny re-finished! Pictures coming soon.  

So Wednesday morning with our little family packed up, a truck, a volkswagon and a u-haul trailer we're driving across Texas and down the Louisiana coast to move into our tiny 1 bedroom apartment 2 minutes from dental school.  If you think of us by chance please say a little prayer for us. Thanks and here's some swimming pictures, as you can tell she is becoming quite photogenic.


ps. feel free to leave comments :)


JenPax said...

Hey Ashley! I hope you have a safe and stress free move...at least as stress free as moving can get!

Warren said...

Hey you guys aren't too far from us! Hopefully there won't be any hurricanes this season!

Ashley Coulon said...

Where are yall? So far, so good. Being from West Texas I'm not used to the daily rain showers though!