June 4, 2010

The Emotional Journey of a 5 month old

These were all taken in the course of about 30 seconds...

It's very emotional being a baby apparently.

So, daddy is away in New Orleans for the week and Gracie and I are really REALLY missing him.  He's never been away for more than 2 days so these 5 days are going to be tough. 2 days down, 3 to go.   I've been keeping busy crafting. I'm doing Stanton Trade Days! MG Creations is going to have a booth full of baby goodness and cute cute jewelry compliments of my sister-in-law.   So I've been sewing, painting and ironing my fingers away.  Puh-lease check us out June 12-13th at Trade Days!  I don't want to bring home 50 onsies, pants and legwarmers.  I only have one child! 
Thankfully the crafting has kept me inside because West Texas has recently become a sauna. 105 today and 108 tomorrow.  We've been swimming each night around 6 but that may come to a stop the next few days seeing as the water has turned into boiling hot lava.  I think I might fry an egg on the cement tomorrow, just to see if it actually works; my 8th grade science teacher would be so proud.  
So it is almost 10 on a friday night, first night of summer for Midland schools.  Baby is asleep (for now), hubby is away, fox news is on in the background and I decided I would try making italian soda.  I was surprised to find out how easy it was.
1 ounce Half and Half
2 tbsp syrup (I used raspberry)
top it off with sparkling or club soda.

Just don't add the soda in too fast or you get a foamy volcano like mine.
Give it a try and let me know what you think, it's delicious after you clean up the mess.

Off to bed


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