May 29, 2010

Itty bitty sleepy bundle

As I held Grace tonight with her eyes filled with sleep and her face lit up with a toothy grin I couldn't help but tear-up thinking how quick these 5 months have gone by, how much more I love her tonight then I did 5 months ago, 1 week ago, even just this morning.  I now know why people cry when they're happy, sometimes it's just unavoidable when you look in those big, innocent eyes filled with wonder and love.  It's amazing how she has already turned into a tiny person who can sit up on her own (momentarily, but hey it's sitting), laugh at something funny, get mad just because she wants to and snuggle into my shoulder.  So there is my sappy mommy moment in all her glory.  

In other happenings, Jonathan and I have been treasure hunting this week looking for cheap ugly things that can be made pretty and still be cheap.  Can you tell we're cheap? I think I'm going to start using "thrifty," it sounds much nicer doesn't it?   So our thrifty selves rummaged through consignment stores and good-wills looking for anything cool.  I must confess: we didn't really rummage as in digging through piles, getting knee deep in junk type rummaging. We walked carefully through aisles, avoiding contact with anything we didn't have to touch, side-stepped anything gross looking (pretty much everything) and disinfected ourselves once in the car. We found a bedroom set: headboard, footboard, dresser, and vanity for 85 bucks that would be awesome painted but decided to pass for some reason, still kicking myself.  Also found an entire aisle dedicated to McDonald's happy meal toys. Why? I don't understand either. Goodwill was next. Found a glass lamp $3.99, set of 4 china mugs .79cents each. Silver serving dish $3.99, and hot pink old-school suitcase $5.99.  The suitcase was a hard-sell to the husband.  
him: "Why in the world would you want that old pink thing?" 
me: "It would be so cute in Gracie's room for dress up!" 
him: "It won't fit in the shopping cart though"
I somehow manage to shove it in the bottom of the cart
me: "Sure it does"
him: "Why do you want to haul more things to New Orleans in a few weeks when we move?"
me: "It's a suitcase babe, we can put stuff in it."
Suitcase came home with us :)

Wiped it down with clorox-wipes and shoved it full of dryer sheets to make it smell of this century and it's sitting in Gracie's make-shift room, pretty and pink as can be.  I'll show you in another post, there's a sleeping baby in there and I would be crazy to do anything to wake a sleeping baby.
The dresser Jonnys been re-finishing is almost done and it's super cute.  Creamy white with cut-out drawers and crystal knobs. It's going to be the most adorable changing table ever.

this is what the fronts looked like before.

Can't wait to show the afters! He's super meticulous and it's taken a lot of time but it's worth it because it's the prettiest piece of furniture we own.  And only for $60.
This picture sums up what my day was today, sewing some pillows (I have a love for pillows at the moment for some reason), feeding baby (green beans and peas today, made a batch of carrots to start tomorrow) and home-made pita chips and hummus (yum).  No, I don't a good excuse for why there is a man with a 1978 afro and beard on my tv. 
Well, it's time for this old lady to get into bed. 10:30 on a Saturday night, aren't I a party animal.  It's actually pretty sad, I'm only 23 and I have the night-life of a 63 year old.


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