May 24, 2010

Busy, Busy Baby

Miss Gracie had her very first crawfish boil (outside of the womb) this Saturday.  It's probably better to show you the day so here we go:

Watching papa clean the mudbugs

"I would like some of that please"
My taste buds had changed since giving birth I think. I have never liked these things until now. Weird.

 She had to look the part, thus a crawfish onsie and matching bow (from old t-shirt scraps)

This was a day of crawfish, creol seasoning, potatoes and corn, red beans and rice, bananna pudding, (this was a horrible day for my diet) red-neck golf, friends and family.  Oddly enough Crawfish Boils hold a special place in the hearts of momma and papa.  It was at our last boil in Lubbock that we told our friends we were pregnant and it was in New Orleans while sitting down to boiled crawfish that we gave Jonny's parents a card that told everyone we were expecting baby girl.

Other than crawfish, Gracie was busy pushing 2 teeth through. 2! Poor girl isn't as happy as usual with those 2 spikes on her bottom gum.  I've tried to take pictures but as soon as you touch her lip she sticks out her tongue.  Is this normal or is my child just messing with me?
We also went swimming yesterday. Loved it for about 10 mins and was over it.  At one point she fell asleep only to be awoken with laughs.  

Trip to Target for swim diapers, 3 pounds of sunscreen and one heated pool later.

What else is new? We started something besides cereal, finally! 


I can't lie, I was pretty nervous about this under-taking (making baby food); what if I under-cook, over-cook, burn it to a crisp?  Happy to report that it is super easy and super cheap! A bag of frozen peas, cooked in 2 cups of water on high about 6 minutes. Cool.  Add to food processor and blend until the consistency you want.  Pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze. Pop out a cube and microwave 15 seconds and enjoy.  Well...

maybe not enjoy at first. But the second time was a success. 

Upset teething baby calling...


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