May 6, 2010


Lately, Gracie has learned how to suck on her toes,

and enjoys doing so all the time.

Lately, Gracie has been enjoying playing with lots of little friends.
and they enjoy playing with her too.

Lately,  Gracie loves sticking out her tongue,
and chewing anything within reach.

Lately, this is where we are living.

Lately, Gracie has started cereal 2 times a day,
and seems to enjoy it!

Lately, Jonathan and I have been preparing to move once again. This time to New Orleans for dental school. Trying to find a place to stay while our house is being remodeled down there.  Studying to be as prepared as possible for Anatomy (him, not me!) I've started crafting and sewing a lot more (Mother's Day gifts done!) and trying to keep this bundle of energy happy.  Which she is not at this time so I've got to go!

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Ryan and Jessica said...

Patyn has figured out the whole feet in mouth thing too!