June 15, 2010

Chaos Complete.....for now

So these past 2 weeks have been hectic.  My floors haven't been touched, laundry is miles high, bathrooms...let's not go there.  Why the nasty living conditions?  I've been crafting my little heart away for Trade Days this past weekend.  I started MG Creations (Madison Grace Coulon...MGC....get it?) trying to earn some money since I don't want to go back to teaching and leave little one at home but soon realized that preparing for a booth at a trade show in just over a week isn't the brightest idea I've ever had.  I had piles of baby leg warmers, baby sweatpants, onsies, bows, earrings, shoes, not to mention the tablecloths I sewed from old sheets.  Going into it I thought "oh this will be fun and easy", coming out of it I'm thinking "I'm insane."  It wouldn't of been too bad if I hadn't been directly across from the live "entertainment" for 8 hours, if there hadn't been a mild tornado trying to crush my petite tent, 100 degree weather and a pestering neighbor.  It also would have helped if I had sold more than 3 items.  That's right 3 ITEMS! That's it. 2 pairs of shoes and a pair of pants.  Why the pants? A child had an accident in their pants and the mom needed something to throw on him.  I felt so bad for the kid that I sold them for $5 instead of the $12 they were listed for.  I'm not a great business woman obviously.  I had been so worried that I didn't have enough stuff and didn't think "this is all coming home with me."  My sweet husband sat out in the heat with me behind our 2 little tables, under a tent that could come down at any moment and reassured me that I wasn't an idiot, people just don't know the good stuff.  I watched for hours and hours as people walked by with crap and ignored my humble little tent.  Plastic guns, fried chicken on a stick, cheapo paper umbrellas, Walmart goods.  C'mon now people!  
But that's enough whining... I have decided to keep at it.  Anyways, I have all this stuff and only know so many babies to give it to.  So NOLA markets beware, MG Creations is coming and you will drool over the cuteness I have in stock.  A little over-confident maybe...  I have a blog MG Creations that I am currently the only follower of so, if you want to join the craft train there's the site. I'll post crafts I'm working on, things I'm selling and whining sessions when I don't sell anything (not really).  

On a brighter note: Grace turns 6 months old today! 6 months ago I was in labor, oblivious to the trials, sleep depravation and joys to come.  A lot of people say they can't remember life without their child, well I can.  It was easy and carefree but I wouldn't trade what I have now for anything.  I will take days without showering, nights with 2 hours sleep and baby kisses over my pre-baby life any day.  She has grown so much in such a short time, I can't imagine what she will be like in 6 more months.  Maybe a head of hair, waddling around the house talking to herself? 

Jonathan turns 24 this Thursday! We met at 15 years old, just kids.  I've watched him grow into an amazing man, attentive husband, joyful, loving father, serious student and serious hottie...a wonderful God-fearing person. Happy Birthday babe!

Baby girl just fell asleep in my lap so I've got to put her down.  Here is a picture of baby girl. She has to sit up in the tub now, we can't get her to lay back....no more itty bitty baby for us :(


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