February 7, 2011

I guess this is mommyhood?

So, I should have learned my lesson the first time when I decided to be handywoman and switch the dryer door to open the opposite way and ended up spending two hours trying to retrieve one of the tiny screws Grace dropped into the dryer vent. Not an accident, no, she did it on purpose, laughed and walked away. You might think I made that last sentence up but I didn't, true story.  Ended up using and dog collar, kitchen magnet and two chopsticks taped together to get the dang screw back; all while wrestling with baby girl because she had suddenly become interested again and came back to "help."
Fast forward to this morning.  While I was getting dressed my debit card dropped out of my back pocket from yesterday.  Grace picks it up and walks away.  Okay, it was keeping her happy and it was one of those mornings.  She sits down by the window and is showing the dogs outside her new treasure (aka, debit card).  I go to switch over a load of laundry, the dryer door is open and I'm reaching to get some dryer sheets.  Grace appears out of nowhere (seriously, I didn't even hear her) and I heard clink and little footsteps running away.  I turn and look, the fluff catcher (I don't know the official name but the thing you take all the clothes fluff off of after each load) is on the floor.  So I find Grace, no debit card. I find a flashlight, and find the debit card with the clothes fluff.  "ok, you can do this ash, you've done it before." Well, last time it was magnetic and this time no such luck.  Our dryer vent thing is like the valley of death apparently because they don't want anything coming out of there.  I took off the front of the dryer (I was feeling pretty good at this point, I mean I had just disassembled our dryer all by myself) only to see that the vent trap thing is never coming apart.  Ok, now what?  Two spatulas taped together and alot of "oh, so close! dang it i dropped it again" and the debit card is back in my wallet.
So I guess this is mommyhood.  Things you never thought you would be doing that you find yourself dealing with all the time.  No one tells you about these things.  But, it's worth it because this morning after all that mess, Grace grabbed me by the face and laid a wet one on me. Oh man, I'm in trouble.


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TheMaines said...

Haha! That's one I have not had to deal with (yet?)! But I defiantly would not have been as handy as you are.