March 20, 2011

Salvaged Door

Hubby and I found this great old door at the salvage yard the other week.  It was tucked away in the corner with the paneled side facing out but a quick peek around to the other side revealed this beautiful antiqued glass.  And in the truck it went.  I should of taken a before picture but I was scrambling to finish it so it could go in the house before we had house guest arrive (anyone else decide to do a project hours before you have people coming over?) I sanded and scraped the paint off; it was so chippy that it was really easy to get it all off.  Thankfully, because I'm impatient!   We could of left it on because it was actually really pretty but being an old door I'm sure it was lead paint and we kinda like having our baby girl around, so out with the paint.  But I was looking at it this morning and thought it needed something...

I googled "New Orleans house numbers"and found an image that I liked, took an exacto knife to it and taped the numbers on the door.  Then I traced around the numbers with a pencil.
I am pretty lazy when it comes to crafting so I just used a pencil but paint would work great. I just wanted a light and distressed feel to match the door.
Pencil in the shaded areas dark (copied off the google image) and the main area in lighter.
Draw lines in the opposite direction as well to fill it in better.  Then take your finger and rub the pencil marks to make a more even finish.
Super easy and I still have some time to drink a cup of coffee before baby girl wakes up from her nap! You moms out there now the simple joy of uninterrupted coffee time :)

Have a great Sunday!


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blesid said...

That looks GREAT! Love the impatient comments, glad to know I'm not the only one out there who can't wait for paint to dry, as well as starting a renovation project an hour before guests arrive. I usually look a mess, but darn it my house looks good! :-) Love your blog, I'm clicking to follow! Jules

Young Cheathams said...

I like the door. You did a really good job. I also hurry and do projects, and I always forget to take before pictures, but I am really trying to make sure I take before pictures. lol What salvage yard did you go to because that is a realy nice door! Do you go to the Green Project. I always go there, and they really have some unique pieces over there. I just brought a screen door to put on our pantry. I can't wait to put it up!