March 12, 2011

Unexpected Places

We moved into our home almost 3 months ago and our living room walls are still bare, well, if you don't count the surround sound wires handing out of the walls...  My hubby is in grad school and basically lives at school and I don't have the patience to hang things level, soooo, there's a whole lot of nothing on the walls. But, I've found things I can do that don't require any patience or skill :)  Here are some ways I'm decorating in unexpected places:
Hallway to Master Bedroom with initials leaned against doorway frame (Hobby Lobby) and nope they haven't fallen yet which surprises even me :) 
15 months old and still as bald as the day she was it :)
Hallway to Nursery with felt cupcake placemat from Pier1 taped to door.  I'm sure you could make this super easy but at 98 cents it was too cheap to pass up
A ladies room plaque from an old New Orleans hotel found at an antique shop rests above her doorway. I originally wanted to put in on the door but it's pretty heavy and hubby didn't want holes in the door.  I think this is better anyways.
A goodwill shelf got new life with a fresh coat of paint and is repurposed as a bathroom window valance.  The sign is also a goodwill find that got a coat of paint and letters outlined in sisal rope.  You can't tell from the pictures (sorry, still learning) but both are distressed...I might have to take the sander to them a bit more though.  I have some faux curtain panels made but I have to get a tension rod that fits the window.  I'll show ya'll soon!

So...what about you?  Any interesting ideas?


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Laura Fieldhouse said...

Have you tried the 3M Velcro type hangers for pictures and what not? They also have poster hangers and stuuf. They stick to the walls without leaving holes and can hol quite a bit of weight! I used them at the shop and at home when we rrdecorated!