April 5, 2011

Chevron Table

I am loving the chevron pattern thats everywhere these days but since I don't have the time, patience or math skills to paint my foyer in beautiful chevrons I had to find something easy and quick.  I found a dingy two tier side table (I think its an old school telephone table, ps. how wierd that our kids won't really ever know a heavy handheld homephone...) at GW for $4.99.  Sanded it down and painted the base coat a creamy milk color.  I found this template at sunset.com and as soon as baby girl went down for bed I headed out to the garage.  It only took me about 30 minutes and since I used paint I already had, the total cost was the price of the table, $5!  I didn't take photos but it's super easy.

Print and cut out chevron pattern.

Tape and traced it onto the table with a pencil. 

Paint, I found that the width of this pattern was the exact size of a small foam brush so that made things super easy.


I want to do this to all my furniture, dresser tops, bookcase backs...but one piece of furniture is all the hubby can handle.

A wood and brass lamp on top and a basket full of toys that fits perfectly underneath, don't you love when that happens :)

But for real, this is what it looks like most of the time....

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