December 29, 2009

First Christmas

It's been a very busy weeks for us! Grace was taken off the bilibed Monday afternoon (YAY!) and we left for Midland later that day to see the family.  Grace's first road trip was pretty uneventful, she slept the whole way, which was a relief because it would of been much more stressful otherwise.  We soon realized that you have much much more to pack with a newborn, our car was packed to the roof! We stayed and visited with the whole family for about 6 days before we headed back home to Lubbock where Gracie saw her first snow!

When we got home we just wanted to crawl in bed and relax but... we came home to a frozen thermostat stuck at 39 degrees! Jonathan ran out to get some fire wood and me and Gracie closed ourselves in the bathroom with the hot water running to steam it out.  After an hour the temp had only risen to about 45 degrees so we bundled up and went out to eat.  After dinner we went to Jonathan's study place (Day Break Coffee Shop) and listened to some "interesting" musicians.  "Interesting" is the only way to explain what was going on there. We finally headed home after hearing an acoustic version of Dancing Queen.  Home had warmed up enough to go to bed and get some sleep (atleast until it was time to feed).
Today Gracie had her 2 week check-up with Dr. Stripling.  She's up to 8 pounds and 21 1/2 inches! Which means we can sleep longer at night!!! She's doing perfectly and there's no problems, we feel absolutely blessed!

Well, time to get some chores done while Gracie's still napping!

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