December 18, 2009

Meet our Baby Girl

It has been a very busy week for us so far! To catch everyone up here's what's been going on:
Monday: We went to the OB in the morning and we decided to go to the hospital that night around 8pm to have the medicine cervidil which softens the cervix. Because the medicine sometimes, rarely, induces labor they asked that we stay overnight, so we did.  Jonathan's parents and little sister drove up and stayed at our place also.
EARLY EARLY Tuesday Morning: About an hour after receiving cervidil I starting getting really bad lower back pains and cramps.  After being hooked up to the fetal monitors they saw that I was having contractions every 3 minutes which were increasing in pain with each one.  They started an iv and things were on their way! (I guess I'm one of those rare people that cervidil induces) Throughout the morning my contractions were stacking up on each other, most of the time not giving me a break between.  Jonathan is completely miserable at this point also because he had just finished with his last final Monday morning and he hadn't slept in several days.  
Tuesday: They started pitocin around 6 am I decided to have an epidural not much longer after that.  After I got the epidural things were much much much more comfortable and enjoyable.  My family made their way to Lubbock late morning and Jonathan's younger brother joined the hospital crew. I slept most of the morning and then things started moving very fast, within a few hours I was fully dialated but the baby hadn't dropped yet. Around 11:30 I was ready to start pushing...AN HOUR AND 15 MINUTES LATER: I though she was never going to arrive.  My doctor arrived and delivered the baby within 10 minutes.
Madison Grace Coulon was born December 15, 2009 at 1:02pm
7 lbs 12oz and 21 inches long

After a sleepless night full of nurses visits every hour or so we were ready to get into our own bed.  We were discharged from the hospital around 5pm on Wednesday.  We came home to a freshly clean home and fully stocked kitchen all thanks to my mother and felt relieved at once.  We also noticed a huge change in Grace, she opened her eyes more and was more aware.  
This morning Grace had her first doctor visit and it was the first time to leave our home with a baby! 
Dr. Stripling told us that she was looking very jaundice and so she had to have some blood drawn to find out her levels.  Turns out her level is 14.1 and it should be closer to 10 :(  He said treatment would be phototherapy which is a uv light treatment.  A nurse came to our house later in the day and showed us how to work the bed and what treatment would be like: 18 hours a day in the bed for maybe 2 days.  The bed is like a mini tanning bed for babies without the lid.  I think this is going to be much harder on me and daddy then it will be on her! She likes the warmth and it makes a constant soft humming noise but it makes me so sad to have to keep her in it for such long periods of time :(  
Which brings me to this current moment, she is sleeping like an angel in a mini tanning bed.
Here are some pictures I took today before she was confined to "the bed"

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