December 9, 2009

Weekly Check-Up

Doctor's visit this morning, he said everything is looking good and could be any day now! He's still suprised every visit at how long her legs are (I guess because me and Jonathan are shorties) and how big her head is (hopefully she'll take after dad and be super smart). 
I think we're ready for her...I guess we'll see when she gets her though! I went to BabiesRUs yesterday to get some last minute things like pack-n-play sheets and a carseat mirror.  I was looking at the sheets when the lights went out and then I start hearing a creepy baby doll laugh/cry coming from behind me; I froze and was wondering how fast I could possibly run if I had to being this big.  The lights came back on and I guess it was some sort of motion/light sensor dolls that sounded like they were going to murder me in the middle of BabiesRUs.  So I hurried to find everything and to get back out into the freezing tornado winds to go home.

Jonathan finished his last day of class as an undergrad this morning and is chest deep into studying for his finals. Hopefully he will be done with his 2 finals before Grace gets here! We sent in his deposit for dental school and ready to move to Louisiana next summer!

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