April 19, 2010

Roll Over and show your ruffles

She rolled over today!! (back to belly)  She has had the rolling from side to side down pretty well for a few days but this morning after breakfast while she was playing on her side she finally got all the way over! I jumped off the couch, clapping and praising her like a crazy person and she smiled like "no big deal mom." After a few minutes on her belly she's over it though and rolls back over to her back.  She's rolled over about 3 times so far this morning and it's only 7:30! 

So I thought I might try and be crafty and make some bum covers for Gracie. This is the first attempt.  I used a pair of covers from one of her newborn dresses, (I guess she doesn't have that big of a bootie yet if it's still fitting in newborn), some ribbon and thread.  I initialed MG on the front but it is kind of hard to see.

"madison grace"

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