February 24, 2011

Master Bedroom

Here is our master bedroom work in progress. 

It's pretty much a hodge podge of things that kinda work together.  The old victrola acts as a night stand on hubbys side and an antique fold down table sits on my side to hold all my junk.  The bed was one of our first purchases as a married couple and the dresser is a hand me down that hubby painstakingly refinished. The cow rug was the first married Christmas gift hubby gave me (I think I gave him the better gift the next year though...our sweet daughter :)

before: he even added the panels on the drawers and middle to cover the old pulls.

 There's sweet cheeks.  The bell reminds me of my short lived career as a school teacher and the mirror is a clearance Target find.  
What? Everyone's husband doesn't bid on random things on ebay? He was pretty proud of this jackalope thing.  I pulled a drawing out of hubby's high school art folder and framed it.
I am a bedding freak.  I have a whole container under our bed full of pillowcases and sheets.  So each week there's a new look.  I buy sets on clearance but I never use the set together.  I like the layers it adds when you have different patterns going on, just remember to keep the color scheme similar and it will always look put together and not like laundry day.
The curtains are temporary but they seem to work for now.  The two sheers in the middle were originally for sweet girl's room (notice the ruffles that took me for.ev.er to put on) but since the government is working right outside these windows everyday I needed something to add privacy and still let in the light.  Our backyard sits on the 17th street levee here in New Orleans and for the next five months they're reinforcing the levee walls.  Which means strange men and tractors in our backyard at 6am. Yup, our backyard is looking a little sad but hopefully is will be landscaped soon.

and here's what this room looked like about a year ago



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Tammy said...

It's gorgeous, I love your room and that rug is to die for!

I have a party on Wednesday called Anything Goes, I would love it you shared this.


Thanks Tammy