July 5, 2011

Happy 4th!

oh, the things you dig up in a Katrina yard
*oops, this was supposed to be posted yesterday but things got hectic with party planning!
With the long weekend comes lots of home improvement projects which lucky for me hubby enjoys doing.  If you know me or have been reading this blog for a little while you know that we moved into our newly built house in January...what home improvement projects could we possibly have you ask.  Well, our house is a Katrina house here in New Orleans, actually the levee break is about 3 houses down from us, the levee is directly in our backyard so when it broke our house was a goner.  We are lucky to say that we were not living in the house at the time so we didn't lose any personal belongings.  The house was striped down to the studs when we bought it so we had a lot of free reign in how we wanted our home to look and we love how it turned out.  The outside is a different story, the yard has been a field of weeds for sometime and so the boys got to work this weekend.  They started out by cutting down the 15 feet tall weed trees (seriously) then went on to making flower beds.  It was a TON of work made extra difficult since it is summer time here in New Orleans which means 95 degree weather, 100% humidity and random rain showers but it's almost done, we just have the pathways left to do!

digging out the grass that went to fill in bare spots in the courtyard and backyard
we used the ton (literally) of bricks left over from the house to line the planter boxes


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