July 1, 2011

Sweet Nothings Bench

First of all, its almost 9:30am and baby girl is still asleep....what the what? I've never been more quiet in my life but I'm sure she will be up before I finish this sentence. Nope, ok let's do this fast!  Yesterday I shared my story of finding this bench:
she's a looker, yes I know.
I sanded down the legs and gave them a coat of primer before spray painting them with Krylon Gloss Dover White (I buy mine at Kmart, it's about 2 dollars cheaper then other places).  I chose a green and white checkered fabric that was sitting in my craft closet (Joann's clearance $2/yd score, BTW check out this fabric I just got yesterday for $3/yd! I'm thinking new nursery drapes one day). 

Pulling each side taut I used a staple gun to attach the fabric onto the top, I made sure to staple into the wood for extra security.  To cover the staples I hot glued natural twisted cord to trim it out the bottom. At this point I was covered in sweat working in our 1000 degree garage and called it done and went to find some air conditioning.  The next day when I went to bring the bench inside I looked at it and it was "too perfect" so I got out the sander and went to town, I figure it's going to get beat up and busted up sooner rather than later anyways.  So here she is, the Sweet Nothings Bench:

and look whose up...

PS. We are starting potty training next week....any suggestions or helpful pointers????? Thanks for reading!



Inspired by you said...

Perfect! Looks wonderful!

BluBabesCreate said...

Great job! but the little one is cuter. Come over and see some amazing reupholstery!