March 28, 2011

Window to Nada

First off, thank ya'll for all of the encouragement! It is nice to hear that you're trying out some of these projects!  I would love to see some pictures of the Mason Jar Soap Pump ya'll are making :)  Really though, your comments are very sweet and thoughtful and I truely appreciate them, especially when baby girl is throwing a fit because I won't let her climb on the coffee table (who knows where that would lead) or I find the puppies eating dangerous pre-Katrina remnants they dig out of the backyard (a handful of Mardi Gras beads mixed with rocks seem to be their favorite (our home was flooded in Katrina by the way))  
Anyways, we found this window during the same trip we found this beauty.  I wasn't sure where it would go but I thought the panes were really interesting and for $5 what the heck. 

 It sat on the front porch for awhile before I finally made it to Lowe's to look for mirror to back it with.  But, I'm not about to pay $45 for a mirror, so it sat some more on the front porch. Then, I found this magical paint:               
Looking Glass Mirror-Like Paint by Krylon.  It looks like mirror when you spray it onto the back of glass for a fraction of the cost! It is pricey compared to regular spray paint ($11 for a 6 oz can) but I found mine at Michael's and used a coupon. One can was just enough for this window.  Simply clean the glass, and spray light even coats (about 5 or 6), I didn't even tape it off.  It dries super fast so this puppy was done in about 30 minutes.  We decided to hang it in the dining room since there wasn't a single thing on the walls but it's looking a bit lonely.  
I thought maybe a plate wall around it but hubby says that reminds him of his MeMaw. So like anyone, I've been looking for plates with man stuff like fish on them :)  I found a really cute manly one at Goodwill for less than a buck but being ever so graceful, that thing was shattered less than a day later. Any ideas?  My tabletop is looking a bit sad too, just some dishes and flowers...any ideas for that too?


Making The Girl Creative


MELANIE said...

Hey there found you from the this idea...want to do it with glass frames and candlesticks. I was on the Nate Show on Monday and the guest Erica did a whole segment on looking-glass paint. I didn't even know that stuff existed. lol

Hey what about if you surrounded it with old keys mounted on wood ($ store hangy things painted out white n glazed) to match. Door knobs are cool too. Metal is kinda manly. lol

I'm now a follower and invite you to come visit me on my blogs too!

Mama J Jewels

Ashley Coulon said...

Hey Melanie! How funny, I saw your segment last night (the wee one doesn't let me watch my shows till she's in bed), you did a great job! Love your idea, gives me a great excuse to go to the dollar store :)